Reading Challenge update: Second third

Schools are back in business, the days are slowly getting shorter and layers of clothing are starting to creep back into our daily style. September is here, and with it a look back over my reading challenge progress.

In my last check up, I actually performed pretty healthily. I’d had plenty of opportunity to catch up on my reading, meaning I was sitting above schedule. I’d also made a very good start at the other reading challenges I’ve been following this year.

So, how have the last four months fared?

Goodreads Challenge

Last time, I’d been doing pretty well by my own admission. I was coasting at a comfortable 17 books read out of 50, and I aimed to get to at least half of the challenge by the end of June.

I surpassed it. By the end of June I’d hit 27 books, and I was doing pretty well to get my challenge on track. Though only two books ahead of schedule, I felt I was doing well.



This time I had really hit it out of the water. Despite spending the entire summer working on my dissertation, flying back and forward to Ireland a lot, and having a wedding in July, I still managed to cut a great chunk off the 50 books challenge. I’m heading into the last four months of the year with ten books left to read, and that seems wholly doable. Considering in July I was tempted to change my challenge to 40 books, I’m really proud of how I’ve done so far.

Popsugar Challenge

Up to May, I’d ticked off 11 of the 35. I aimed to balance out this and the MMD challenge a little more, but naturally some books did creep into the PopSugar challenge.

There have been nine more prompts completed, bringing a total of 20. That’s just over half, and if I’m honest I don’t think I’ll be successful with the PopSugar challenge this year. I’ll keep going, but being realistic about my TBR.


Modern Mrs Darcy Challenge

Up to May, I’d only attempted two of the MMD list. For the next three months, I told myself I’d concentrate a little more on this challenge, without ignoring the other prompts.

It worked. Today there are nine of the 12 prompts completed, so three left to do. That’s not even one a month for the rest of the year, and I know I can definitely do that.

Are you doing a reading challenge this year? How are you faring?


2 thoughts on “Reading Challenge update: Second third

  1. I’ve never done a reading challenge so this was really intriguing to read. I’m one of those people who like working through lists, accomplishing things and getting things done: If I was trying to work my way through a reading challenge it would definitely make me read more!

    Fab post & happy reading 🙂

    Charlene McElhinney

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