GUEST POST: Casting Candy by Kevin Brooks

One of my favourite YA books, and the first I ever read, was Candy by Kevin Brooks. I’ve made no secret of my love of it here.

It’s the story of a young musician, Joe, who falls in love with Candy, a heroin addict and a prostitute. He has several run-ins with Iggy, Candy’s pimp. His new friendship puts Joe’s sister Gina in danger.

During a book-related Twitter chat, myself and Cora from Tea Party Princess blog discovered we shared a love of Candy, and we decided to put together a perfect casting for a hypothetical film.

Cora took the two main roles, Candy and Joe, while I picked the three biggest supporting characters – Iggy, Gina, and Mick. Where possible, we tried to keep with British actors.


Cora’s choice: Kaya Scodelario

I think it’s probably because Skins was just kicking off when this book was released and her character Effy has a Candy-ness about her, but she’s always been Candy in my head

Image via IMDb


Cora’s choice: Andrew Garfield

I think he’d be perfect for the awkwardness of Joe, that he’d be able to pull off the self-conscious mannerisms.

Image via IMDb


Aoife’s choice: Dani Harman

Dani has already played troubled, having first made a name for herself as the titular character in Tracey Beaker. She’s done some quite dramatic scenes as Tracey, so she’d be more than able to portray a young woman whose younger brother ends up putting her almost into a drug dealer’s hands.

Though, right now Dani is due a baby any day soon, so that might push filming back a couple of weeks.


Aoife’s choice: Nicholas Hoult

In the book, Mick was the guitar player for a band, which always made me think he was a brooding, serious looking sort of guy. Who better to play him, then, than Nicholas?


Aoife’s choice: Mackenzie Crook

Once again, an actor from Skins. Mackenzie was fantastically menacing as the drug lord Johnny White in the teen drama, and his performance showed he definitely has the acting ability to take on the role of Iggy, a crazed pimp and drug lord with only one goal.

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