How long will it take to finish my TBR?

For most book bloggers and avid readers, there’s one common and pressing question – how long will it take to get through all the books I have to read, so I can buy new books guilt free?

There are so many opportunities to add to your TBR (new ARCs, presents, books you simply HAVE to get right now) that it all starts stacking up. Literally.  Like many people, my current TBR is taller than I am.


Every time I go shopping I add another book to the family, despite knowing I have so many to get through, I’ll never be finished it all any time soon.

Just how long will it take though? A great website called Read It Forward has a calculator that will tell you how much time you need to set aside. It’s calculated on continuous, non-stop reading, though, so you’ll need to keep that in mind when you get your results back.

I took a look at how my TBR stands on Goodreads right now (and added in a few for luck, because there’s definitely a few about the place that I haven’t added in or found yet) and added in how many books I read last year (thanks to my Goodreads challenge, I knew I’d gotten through 50) and my age.


At the end of it, six-and-a-half years really isn’t that bad. By this standard, I’ll have a clean TBR just a month before my 32nd birthday. But, do remember, that’s six years of non stop reading – no breaks to eat, sleep or pee.

As for how long it will take with breaks, there’s every chance I’ll go to the grave with books still left to read.

How long will it take to finish your TBR? Let me know your test results in the comments!


14 thoughts on “How long will it take to finish my TBR?

  1. I am an avid reader and teacher so I get holidays in which I used to read an ample amount. I now have two small children and it has taken me a MONTH to finish my last book. I will never get to buy new again😨 (I did buy the Harry Potter script though…I mean, come on that is a MUST!)

  2. If I only read what is currently on my Kindle at the side of the bed, It’ll take me a year and 2 months. Doesn’t sound too bad – all I need to do is not buy, borrow, be sent any more in the meantime…..

  3. Ugh, I feel your pain with the massive TBR problem – I probably have about 40 books on my bookshelf that I need to read, more on my sister’s shelf, and about 80 on my Kindle (plus a stream of ARCs that I can’t seem to turn down). I’ll have to use this and see if I’ll finish them before I die…

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