Four things I learned from four years of blogging

Imagine it. Four years ago I was sat on my bed to-ing and fro-ing over whether or not to push that publish button. Fast forward to now and a whole lot has changed.

I’ve been at this blogging lark for four years today (in fact, it was roughly around this time when I published my first post) and, like every basic white girl, I’ve learned so much from the experience it’s crazy.

We all know the obvious stuff (schedule posts, take your own pictures with really good lighting, what have you) but I’ve got a couple of other not quite so obvious things to share.

Ok four. I’ve got four.

It’s ok to not know where you’re going

It took me until this year to figure out where I wanted to go with my blog. For the years previous, my posts were pretty much everything and anything – pop culture, a little bit of beauty and fashion (I wouldn’t take that advice, you know), lifestyle, and a LOT of tag posts. At the start of this year, when I decided to make a good go of my blog, I sat firm with what I wanted to talk about most – books.


It’s ok to need to take a break

I hit a low point in my life around May 2014. At the time, I didn’t want to do anything – and that included my blog. I abandoned the blog for a whole year before I kicked myself up the butt and came back to it.

It was still there waiting for me, like a dog you bring with you to Lidl and tie outside at the bike racks while you go in to buy a cookie. And it welcomed me back openly – in fact, I feel a lot more into my own blog now than I ever did back when I even started it. I’ve gotten a voice, I feel I have a readership, and I feel much more connected and proud of it.

It’s not all about the numbers

While it is nice to have a readership and to see your stats climb day after day, it’s still important to remember that the numbers aren’t the be all and end all. I’ve had days where the visitors bar soared higher than I ever could have thought, and some days where I’m tapping the glass hoping that will spur it up a little.

Your best views might be a drop in the ocean to some, but an almost unachievable dream to someone else. Don’t get disheartened that you’re not “as good as” other bloggers, because you’re doing just fine as you are.

It’s all about what you want

If someone out there is writing page after page of cooking posts but you’re concentrating on parenting, that is a-ok. You don’t have to change to fit someone else’s bill – especially if you feel like you could burn water. Write about what you want to write about, and go own it.

If you feel unsure or uncomfortable writing about something, most of the time it will show. Not sure what I mean? Go check out some of my fashion or beauty posts. Brace yourself.

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One thought on “Four things I learned from four years of blogging

  1. Well done on four years ..takes dedication to last that long ( says she not even two months in!) I love the advice about not knowing where you’re going. Cos I’m really not sure at the moment..hopefully it will all work out !

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