25 to do before turning 25

I’ve only just turned 24 and already I’m thinking about next year. Steady on, like.

I hit my quarter life crisis hard already though, and I know there’s a lot of things left that I need to have ticked off. Buzzfeed recently released a list of 25 things to do before you turn 25 and since I have 363 days left, I think I have plenty of time to get a fairly decent amount of them crossed off.

Some of them are a little basic, some seem so out there I’m not even sure I can contemplate doing them, and some I’ve already ticked off. Who knows, these might even make for great blog posts once I’ve got them done!

Go back to somewhere nostalgic from your childhood

Find a way to wake up in the morning that you don’t completely hate

Learn to cook at least three or four of your favourite meals really well

Be able to create a three-course meal suitable for a small dinner party

Go to the cinema on your own

Decorate your rented flat to make it really feel like home

Keep a couple of house plants that aren’t cacti

Take the recommendation your friend has been giving you for years

Visit another continent

Go on at least one city/town break to somewhere in your own country you normally wouldn’t think of visiting

Take your family out for dinner. Make it a surprise

Ask your boss for a pay rise

Learn a new skill (a foreign language, an instrument etc)

Watch 100 of the IMDb top 250 movies of all time

Organise a monthly dinner with friends you don’t see all the time so you don’t fall out of touch

Find a form of exercise you actually enjoy

Find a style that works for you. Build a wardrobe around it.

Give the clothes you no longer wear to charity

Treat yourself to an item of clothing you really like but wouldn’t usually buy

Make a list of 10 restaurants you really want to try. Go to all of them.

Really teach yourself about something that’s always interested you

Keep a list of books you want to read. Work your way through it

Know how to do basic household things

Do something WELL outside your comfort zone

Make a savings pot for something you really, really want

Before June 27 2017, I’m going to aim to have as many as possible ticked off. Do you think I can do it?

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