Video killed the writer

I’d been toying with the idea to make a You Tube channel connected to this blog for ages. I even borrowed one of my Mam’s Canon cameras to shoot the thing, and downloaded Windows Movie Maker (gotta get the basics) to my laptop to edit the footage. But I was still scared.

Who’d even watch it? I have a Snapchat for my blog, and it’s not very popular. Would You Tube be the exact same? Would people tune in to watch me talk crap on video as well as put up with me here?

One of my friends, Rebecca, has her own beauty channel on You Tube and has told me a few times I should follow her lead. I had a few ideas in my head, but no idea whether there’d be any demand.

I took to Twitter to ask, and it turned out people would be cool with it.

With an overwhelming majority saying I should go for it on the poll, I figured it was worth at least trying out and seeing what I thought of it. And yes, it did take me a good four months to actually grow some balls and do it. Even then, I couldn’t go alone, so I enlisted the help of a fellow book lover to ease me in.

So, here’s my first offering. It turns out I quite liked it, so when any more come up, they’ll be found on the You Tube channel you see here. If you like what you see, please click the subscribe button below.


2 thoughts on “Video killed the writer

  1. Yay, nice one! I’m on Youtube as sprinkledwithwords (books) and hannahb573 (personal and writing!) 🙂 It’s a tougher community to get in to, than blogging and Instagram, I think at least, but I really enjoy making the videos! 😀

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