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When we were younger, almost every girl alive wanted to be a Disney Princess. We had the play dresses, the videos (we’re vintage) and we knew the songs by heart. Some day, our own prince would come. And he’d have a library.

Fast forward and we’re still obsessed with Disney castles and princesses – so much so, we made a questionnaire (I mean really, who thought I’d be doing another tag. You were right.) This one comes from the wonderful Amy of Cocktails in Teacups who reminds me so much of Ariel it’s scary.

So, what are the bets on my most popular answer?

Image via Beyond the Dreamline

Belle, you’re so photogenic.

Which Princess do you like the least?

I was never a big fan of Snow White. She’s the one who started it all so really, I should bow at her feet. But the truth is, her voice annoyed me. I know I can do a childish voice, but hers grinded me (and yes, I’m aware she’s meant to be 14, but I’ve never met a 14-year-old who sounded seven.)

Image via Saxon Henry

Which Princess do you adore most?

Well I think the answer here is obvious. I’ve pretty much loved Belle from the moment we met.

Image via Neills Blog

Which Princess do you relate to most?

Once again, Belle. The reasons are simple; both of us love books, both have brown hair, both came to being in the early 90s (I’m fully convinced Belle is based on me, despite my being born nine months after its UK premiere), and both want a man who will give us all the books. It’s simple.

Image via Cy-V

Which sidekick do you wish you had?

Probably Olaf, because who doesn’t want someone who can find the best out of any bad situation. He’s a snowman who wants to see summer, how can you not want to have him about?

Image via Wikia

Which best friend(s) would you like to hang out with?

Lumieré and Cogsworth. Their banter (disgusted at myself for using that word) is incredible, they bounce off each other perfectly. I think it would be great to go for coffee with them.

Image via The Frollo Show

Which Prince would love you?

Phillip. He seems to have a thing for sleepers and I like to sleep a LOT.

Image via Jane Austen Runs My Life

Which parents would raise you?

Mulan’s parents. They’re incredibly supportive of Mulan, her Dad is so sweet to her when she feels down, but they’re also not afraid of reminding you when you’ve stepped out of line.

Image via Nove Dadas Disney

Which castle do you want to live in?


Image via Pinterest

Which dress do you wish to own?

I adore Belle’s ballroom dress. Think how much swishing you could do in it. Lose the gloves though.

Image via Pinky Pink

Which voice do you wish you had?

Rapunzel. Who doesn’t want Mandy Moore’s voice?

Me, listening to Mandy Moore sing. Image via Disney

Which two Princesses would be best friends?

I think Ariel and Rapunzel would get on really well. They could talk about their love of travelling and exploring new places.

Image via FanPop

Which two Princesses do you think would hate one another?

I think Snow White and Cinderella would clash over their different opinions on cleaning. Snow seems like she’s all for it, whereas Cinderella isn’t too keen. She just wants to get her party on.

Image via People

Which two sidekicks would make a good duo?

I had to think about this for a really long time and honestly, I cannot think of two I think would pair well together.

Which two Princes would be best buds?

I think the princes from Snow White and Cinderella have a lot they could talk about. They could give each other names, and talk about how they didn’t do ANYTHING for the entirety of their films.

Image via Buzzfeed

Which scene makes you cry?

Wouja stop.

Image via The Hollywood Gossip

What scene makes you cheer?

Not so much cheer, but the dress changing scene in Sleeping Beauty is good for a laugh

Image via Disney

Which movie has your favourite soundtrack?

Be. Our. GUEST. That is all.

Image via Wikia

Which scene makes you cringe the most?

None of them, really.

Which story do you wish was your life?

Belle’s. I wanna live in a castle with a library, and dinner and a show each evening. Bliss.

Which movie do you love the most?

Beauty and The Beast is without doubt my favourite Princess film. Now give us the live action already!


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