This or That: The Book Version

Another day, another tag. This time the offering came from the wonderful Books Beyond Measure, which I love because its name is a play on a quote from one of the greatest Ravenclaw students of all time. Win.

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Audio or Physical Book?

Definitely physical book.  I’ve actually never listened to an audiobook, and I tend to keep my iPod for music instead of books. It would probably be really handy to download a few audiobooks for when I’m in the gym or elsewhere, though.

Paperback or Hardback?

I love how hardbacks look, but they’re just so bulky to carry around, you have a serious pain in your back if you shove one into your handbag. For this reason alone, I have to give my vote to paperbacks.

Fiction or Nonfiction?

Fiction. I do love non fiction (Anne Frank’s diary is one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read), but the vast majority of my bookshelves are filled with works of fiction from totally different genres.

Fantasy World or Real Life Issues?

Real life issues. I like reading about things that have happened to me and seeing how fictional characters deal with the same scenario.

Harry Potter or Twilight?

I’m not even going to dignify that with an answer.

Borrow or Buy?

Although my bank account cries every time I do it, I love buying books and having them for my own. Though I am a member of my local library, I haven’t actually gone yet.

Monster Reads or Short & Sweet?

I do like both, but there’s a serious feeling of accomplishment when, in record time, you turn the final page on a huge book you thought would take forever to finish up.

Starry Eyed Romance or Full of Action?

Ok here’s the thing, I’m not a big romance fan. I do enjoy them, but I like a book with a little bit of action, and something exciting going on.

Curl up in Your Snuggle or Bathe in the Sun?

Curled up, in a blanket, with tea and a biscuit. Heaven.

Coffee or Tea?

It depends on a couple of things. If I’m out, and waiting to meet someone, I usually order coffee and read my book. If I’m at home, I have tea. Tea works better at home because I usually read before I go to bed.


9 thoughts on “This or That: The Book Version

  1. Ooooh, fun! Totally agree with you on the paperback and on the physical book questions. And on the Harry Potter one too. Ok, so on most of them, actually.

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