Cover Reveal: The One With the Hen Weekend by Erin Lawless

I’ve got a pretty exciting preview lined up today. Erin Lawless, who you may know as author of the incredibly funny wedding-based The One With series, is today revealing the cover for the latest addition to the series – The One With the Hen Weekend.

And no, as far as I know, she isn’t related to Xena.

Before I got a look at the cover for the novel, which is due out later this year, Erin and I sat down to reminisce about her own hen night.

Where did you go on your own hen do?

I didn’t know where I was going for my hen do – I only guessed when I glimpsed the sea. Me, my bridesmaids and fifteen or so wonderful hens were all set for a weekend in Brighton.

What did you do on your hen?

We did the usual – pier amusements, fish and chips, games and gossip. My bridesmaids told me that we were doing a physical activity on the Saturday and to pack my gym stuff… but (happily!) that was all a rouse and we went off for tea while we had 50s style makeovers followed by a professional photo shoot. Fittingly, dinner was in a retro diner, and then it was cocktails and shots and dancing the night away!

Is there anything about your hen do you’d change?

I wouldn’t change a thing about my hen, except maybe to make it longer! A few hens weren’t able to make it, and my sister at 16 was too young to join us.

Any cringe moments from your hen?

I could never be embarrassed by anything that happened on my hen do! Male blow up doll, drunken attempts at going in the sea at 3am and twerking up against a plaster Easter Island head not withstanding…

Is there anything about hens you don’t like?

I absolutely love going to hen dos, even when I don’t really know many of the other girls, but I think it’s a real shame when you get cliquey groups of hens who don’t really get into the communal spirit!


I actually really liked that cardigan, if I'm honest.

I’ve only been on one hen weekend myself. I was bridesmaid for my cousin three years ago, and we all set off for a weekend in Killarney dressed as Wallys. There was a cocktail making class and a dance class, and I’m pretty sure there was other activities too but my mother has told me she reads this blog now.

So, at very last, I present the beautiful cover to The One With the Hen Weekend. Don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to get my hands on this when it’s released.


The One With the Hen Weekend is due for release in September 2016


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