The Mean Girls Tag

More tags! This one comes from the Panda, and you should definitely go check her out – her musical theatre tag is incredible!

It also perfectly ties in with the movie night held by #TheGirlGang tonight, where we’ll gather to watch Mean Girls and discuss it on Twitter. Who doesn’t like a good sleepover?

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1: It’s Pronounced Like “Cady”. – Which fictional characters’ names did you get completely wrong? 

Six books into the Princess Diaries series, a new student called Perin started at Albert Einstein High School. I didn’t do French in school, so I had no idea how to pronounce her name.

2. She Doesn’t Even Go Here! – Pick a fictional character that you would like to place in another fictional character’s world.

I’d like to see how Katniss would have fared in the Divergent world. I think it’s quite obvious what faction she would fall into.

3. On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink. – Repetition, repetition. Which book gave you déja vu of another book while reading it?

I don’t honestly think I’ve ever gotten this feeling. Not really anyway. Maybe the books I’ve read are quite diverse.

4. You all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it okay for guys to call you sluts and whores. – Which book gave you the complete opposite of girl power feels?

Bridget Jones. She’s not entirely the best role model for womankind, single or taken.

5. You Go Glen Coco! – Name a character you felt like you wanted to cheer on whilst reading.

Harry Potter. I don’t think anyone didn’t want him to succeed and defeat the Dark Lord.

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6. Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping! – How long do you typically spend at a book shop? 

I could happily spend all day in there if I was allowed. The Book Centre in Waterford is one of my favourite shops in the world. I love going in, picking out a book and flicking through it as I have coffee in the cafe inside.

7. It’s Not My Fault You’re Like In Love With Me Or Something! – Which character would have to get out a restraining order on you, if they were real?

Iggy from Candy. Who wouldn’t want to get a drug selling pimp away from them!

8. I Can’t Help It That I’m Popular. – Which over-hyped book were you cautious about reading? 

By the time I got around to The Girl On The Train it was pretty much all everyone talked about. It made me a bit iffy – what if it wasn’t as good as it had been sold to be? Luckily I had nothing to worry about, because I was hooked from the very beginning.

9. She’s A Life Ruiner. She Ruins Peoples’ Lives. – We all love Regina George. Name a villain you just love to hate. 

Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter. I don’t really need to say why, do I?

10. I’m Not Like A Regular Mom, I’m A Cool Mom. – Your favourite fictional parents. 

Marmee and Mr March. They may not have had much, but they still made sure their daughters were happy and had the best lives they could.

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11. That Is So Fetch! – Which book or series would you love to catch on? 

The Gone series by Michael Grant. It’s a great dystopian series, and I knew very few people who have actually read it.

12. How Do I Even Begin To Explain Regina George? – Describe your ideal character to read about. 

There is no ideal character, this is a horrible question. Next!

13. I Just Have A Lot Of Feelings. – What do you do when a book gives you a bad case of ‘the feels’? 

Throw that damn book across the room with all my might. Case in point: the death of Fred Weasley.

14. Nice Wig Janice, What’s It Made Of? – Your Mom’s Chest Hair! – Which character’s one liners would you love to claim for your own? 

“There’s no need to call me sir, professor.” Oh Harry, you brave boy.

15. Boo, You Whore. – Name a time a characters decision has made you roll your eyes. 

Any time Bridget Jones weighed herself and lamented her size. Woman there isn’t a pick on you, go eat a burger.

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2 thoughts on “The Mean Girls Tag

  1. This is great! Not read HG but I would imagine that combination to be interesting… 😛 And thank for that shoutout 🙂

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