Reading Challenge update: First third

It’s the first of May, and the first four months of the year have passed. Time to look back and see how all those reading challenges I set myself in January are faring.

By the way, January feels like it was yesterday.

Goodreads Challenge


My Goodreads challange for this year is to get through 50 books, 10 more than last year’s tally.

Up to the end of March, I was struggling. I was only on nine books, which was two behind the schedule Goodreads believed I should be following.

Then I did four weeks of work experience, with commuting to each, and I put Matilda Wormwood to shame.

By the time I went to London in mid April I had shot up to 13 books, with a 14th just 60 pages from the finish line.

I also bit the bullet and started using my tablet as an e reader. Anyone who’s kept up here will know my previous disdain for e books -they just don’t smell as nice – but it was a more clever idea to bring six books on a tablet than six physical copies.

Today, Goodreads stands at 17 finished books. The 18th is coming soon (my copy of Little Women is a fairly hefty 600 pages. Thank god for tablets amirite.)

Popsugar Reading Challenge

Of the two prompt challenges I’m covering for the year, Popsugar is the one that’s seen the most success so far. With such a vast range of prompts, as well as a high volume, there was no way I couldn’t have at least five ticked off by May.

Of the 35 prompts, I’ve got a quite impressive 11 completed, some of which still to be reviewed in the coming weeks.

Modern Mrs Darcy

MMD may not have as many prompts as Popsugar, with one for each month of the year. That said, I’ve got two of the prompts already finished up.

I think this time I’ll need to subconsciously deal with the MMD challenge to get as many of those covered as possible. That will set me up for a strong position when September rolls around and it’s coming to the final stretch.

Are you doing a reading challenge this year? How are you faring?


2 thoughts on “Reading Challenge update: First third

  1. I’m doing quite well on my Goodreads challenge – 29 out of 60 books! But that’s only because I sprained my ankle in January and read loads during my enforced sofa rest!

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