Review: My Map of You by Isabelle Broom

Challenge criteria: A book published this year. (Bonus: it’s released today.)

(Disclaimer: I was sent this book by Penguin Random House UK in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way affected my opinion of the book, nor the outcome of the review.) 


Holly Wright has had a difficult few years. After her mother’s death, she’s become expert at keeping people at a distance – including her boyfriend, Rupert.

But when Holly receives an unexpected letter explaining that an aunt she never met has left her a house on the Greek island of Zakynthos, the walls she has built begin to crumble.

Arriving on the island, Holly meets the handsome Aidan and slowly begins to uncover the truth about the secret which tore her family apart. But is the island where Holly really belongs? Or will her real life catch up with her first?

My copy of the book, kindly sent to me for review.

My copy of the book, kindly sent to me for review.

What I liked:  

As I read this book sat on my bed in a miserable, grey Cardiff, I text my best friend and told her we were going to Zakynthos. Isabelle paints the most beautiful images of the sun-kissed beaches, bright and airy homes, you just have to go on travel websites to cure that wanderlust.

I loved how Holly was independent enough to know she didn’t need her boyfriend by her side the whole way through her journey to Greece. The other characters were great too – we’ve all had a boss like Fiona, or a co-worker like Aliana.

Also, this did feature a solid lead female, who definitely did grow up a lot from the first page to the last. I found myself really rooting for her, and celebrating in her successes.

This story also covers some very heavy topics in a fantastic way – in depth, realistic, and not once condescending.

What I didn’t like:

Didn’t much care for Rupert. He came across to me as the stereotypical controlling boyfriend, and I wasn’t too comfortable reading about him. I also felt his trip was a little TOO convenient.

That was it, though. Couldn’t fault anything else.

Out of five?:

Five. A fantastic debut from Heat’s Books Editor, and the perfect accompaniment to your lazing on a beach. Zante optional.

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