The wonders of Duolingo

I’ve had a Duolingo account for about a year now, I started it when I started Spanish classes in Dublin as I thought it would be a great way to revise during the week. A friend of mine used it to learn Portuguese to communicate with his Brazilian girlfriend and he recommended it quite strongly to me.

After setting up some Spanish, I then started remastering German (which I haven’t done properly since my Leaving Cert in 2011) and my Irish (which I’ve been at since I was three).

I was set right on the path, until I was faced with quite a strange translation.

Yo no soy una manzana. // I am not an apple.

I had to stare at my tablet for a few minutes to actually take in what was in front of me. Did it just say what I think it said? Why the hell would telling someone I were not a piece of fruit be necessary in any way?

As I delved a little deeper, it turned out Duolingo offers more than just a platform to learn another language. It’s a great place to have a bit of a laugh, in any language.

All images via Duolingo


10 thoughts on “The wonders of Duolingo

  1. The baby is taking over on the German Duolingo always cracks me up. There is another one about the whole head being blue which is quite ironic for me as my hair used to be completely blue so at least now I know how to say it in German! Lol some crackers on there!

      • Haha I know, that one about the half brother and half sister being married was creepy as! I sat for about 10mins scratching my head, then read the comments and found I wasn’t alone in feeling creeped out haha! Does make me chuckle! 😀

  2. I also started with Portuguese but kind of hated that every time previously completed levels would be uncomplete again after a few days. I spent more time redoing these than advancing with new levels so I kind of gave up.

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