Review: The Better Brown Stories by Allan Ahlberg

Challenge Criteria: A book under 150 pages.


What happens when the characters in a children’s book decide they just don’t like the story they’re in? In this novel the characters go straight to the author to complain – with hilarious results and amazing adventures.



What I liked:
I haven’t read this in about 15 years. I used to have it as a child, and it was one of my favourite stand alone books. I was afraid that with age and (some level of) maturity the story would lose its appeal to me. It didn’t. The characters still made me giggle as much as they did when I was an eight-year-old girl sat on the couch.
The inclusion of some popular and well known stories (there are nod backs to The Snowman and The Famous Five) make this an easily accessible book to anyone familiar with British culture, or even world history.
Fritz Wegner’s hilarious illustrations add an extra piece of magic and humour to an already incredibly funny story.
What I didn’t like:
It’s a little weird to see the writer feature in their own work, I can’t lie about that.
Out of 5:

Gotta give this a five. It stood the test of time for me, and was still as funny and welcoming as the first time I read it.


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