Speed reading test

At night, before I set my phone down and pick up my book, I like to look around the internet at book things. One of the things that crossed my path recently was a speed reading test devised by the American stationary company Staples.

You’re given a passage to read – at your natural reading speed, this is not a skimmed reading test or a speed reading exercise. You then answer three questions based on the passage to check if you really read it.

I took it, late at night and with my glasses perched at the other side of the room. Even so, I think I did fairly well.

It also gives you guidelines as to how long it would take you to finish some classic works based on your own reading speed.

Finally, if you had an e-reader, how long could you continuously read before it ran out of power?

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 16.41.16

What’s your reading speed? Do some of these reading times seem achievable?


4 thoughts on “Speed reading test

  1. That’s really interesting, I was wondering why you were reading Harry Potter all in one go lol I must test my speed 🙂

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