The Four Things Tag

I found this blog tag on the wonderful Jenna’s blog, and I just HAD to get my spin on it done too. Because, you know, I haven’t done enough tag posts on this blog. At all. . .

Four places I’ve lived:

Lismore, Waterford

Santry, Dublin

Drumcondra, Dublin

Cardiff, Wales

Four jobs I’ve had:

Waitress in Foleys, Kenmare

Barista in Harvest Market, Dublin Airport

Deputy Features Editor of The College View

Editorial Intern at Social & Personal Weddings

Four things I don’t eat:





Four of my favourite foods:




Chicken curry

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:
(not including the Disney/Harry Potter ones cos that’s a given.)

500 Days of Summer

The Shawshank Redemption

Revolutionary Road


Four TV shows I watch:
(Still running)

Once Upon A Time

Orange is the New Black

Modern Family

Family Guy



How I Met Your Mother

The IT Crowd


Four places I’ve visited:

Lanzarote, Spain

London, England

Sydney, Australia

New York, USA

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:

Passing my driving test (ha! Bet you thought I’d given up on that one.)

Passing my Masters.

Having some of my friends from Ireland come visit me in Cardiff

Travelling places I’ve always wanted to go, but never been (hello Amsterdam)

Four things I can’t live without:


Club Orange

My books

My Twitter network of amazing blogger friends

Four pet peeves:

Bad grammar

Judgemental people

Extreme narcissism

Not being able to think of four of them (seriously, it’s really annoying me).

Four Things I Wish I Could Do:

Speak fluent Spanish

Cook. I mean cook really well.

Play guitar.


Four Subjects I Studied at School:




Home Economics

Four Things Near Me Right Now:

My phone

A bottle of Ribena

My lunch (leftover spag bol, if you’re asking)

A yellow Snack bar


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