Who you should really follow on Snapchat

Like almost everyone my age, I’m a little addicted to the old Snapchat. I’ve recently created an account specifically for the blog, and I love connecting with fellow bloggers (or, you know, just anyone really).


I’ve seen a lot of posts about regarding who you should follow on Snapchat and I’ll be very honest, it does not reflect the author’s best work. There’s quite a few glaring omissions, and I think the time has come to address these.

Snapchat – who to REALLY follow. These names come in no particular order, of course.

Aisling Keenan – aislingmkeenan

Xposé Magazine’s Deputy Editor, former Beauty Editor for U Magazine and all round gas bitch, Aisling frequently snaps excerpts from her daily life. In 2015 she’s gave us a look into redesigning her room, as well as getting rid of some of the stuff she’s hoarded (who else really needs to do that soon?). In her recent answers to the 50 Questions tag, her answers proved she’s the funniest person I don’t know yet.

Naturally for a beauty editor, her make up is always on fleek too. I can’t believe I just used that phrase.

(Stalker alert: one time I interned at a magazine in the same building where she works, and on my last day when I had never seen her I ate a whole tub of Ben and Jerrys to cheer myself up. True story.)



CherrySue – itscherrysue

Beauty blogger extraordinaire at Cherry Sue Doin’ The Do, Sue has also recently popped up an incredibly helpful Q&A session about how to make the best out of your own blog. She also has some really helpful make up tips on the regular, and is definitely worth checking out.


Sharon Leavy – sharonleavy

Another beauty blogger, Sharon is mammy to Behind Green Eyes and to three young boys who sometimes feature in her stories. She’s been a staple on my Snapchat for years now, and her stories are incredibly down to earth (just like the lady herself), ranging from swatches of the new Urban Decay palettes to tales of her escapades in Lidl that morning.




Rosemary MacCabe – rosemarymaccabe

Deputy Editor of Stellar (are you noticing a trend in me following journalists in the hope one of them will take pity and hire me?), Rosemary’s account shows snaps of her fitness training, some snaps in the Stellar office, and THOUSANDS of adorable photos of her dog Coileán, to whom I apologise if that’s misspelled.



Vicki Notaro- vickinotaro

Much the same as with Rosemary,  freelance journo Vicki’s Snapchat is filled with cute photos of her doggies Jacko and Dora. She’s a frequent visitor to the Big Apple so expect to feel pretty strong travel envy from her feed. And, as she’s recently gotten engaged, you might even get a look into her wedding plans.


2 thoughts on “Who you should really follow on Snapchat

  1. Love this post, defo going to go and give them all a follow! I’ve added you on snapchat, mine is jennyrossxo if you’d like to add back 🙂 xox

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