Magazines I loved as a child

I’ve always had a love affair with magazines. I’m even studying a degree in the things at the moment. My life long affair with the written word has had many focuses over the last two decades.

Girl Talk

Image via Fun Kids Live

Smash Hits

Image via Cools and Fools


Image via Panini Comics


Image via Vendula


Image via Buzzfeed


Image via GotCeleb


Image from Wikipedia


14 thoughts on “Magazines I loved as a child

  1. Oh wow! Smash hits is a blast from the past! I think that’s probably one of the only magazines I’ve bought, even if I only bought a few. I never did get into magazines as a kid, or as an adult now – unless I fancied something trashy to read on the train or something.

    ~ K

  2. Hey Aoife This is a lovely heartwarming trip back in time which I’m sure will bring back memories for many readers. Being of an earlier generation it was Jackie, My Guy and Just Seventeen which brightened up my world before moving on to Loving, Catch, and eventually Cosmo and whisper it very occasionally Woman and Women’s Own.

    You’ve certainly made me smile with this post.

    Best Wishes
    Gayle X

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