New Year Tag: a year in the life of a polka dot

I recently found this post flying about online, and I think it’s a great way to sit and think back over the year I’ve had. It looks so far like there’s a lot to think about. I mean, the year is almost two weeks old now – definitely time for a look back now, isn’t it?

What is one of your favourite moments from last year?

The best part of the year was, without doubt, getting on the plane in September to start my new life in Wales.  I was really nervous before I left, but within a few weeks it felt just like home. At one stage coming to my parents to visit, it felt strange being in my old bed.

What was one New Year’s resolution you accomplished?

I didn’t actually make any resolutions last year. Does that mean I’ve achieved them?

Three words to describe last year?

Completely life changing.

Favourite song from last year?

This is such a difficult question. I really liked so many songs, but probably top of the list is Demi Lovato’s Cool for the Summer. You can’t deny it’s a real summer floor filler.

Something you are looking forward to this coming year?

Completing my Masters. I love it and the work is completely up my alley, but it’s so stressful.

What did last year teach you?

It’s when you’re not there that you who learn the people who will always stick around are. I’ve lost touch with a few people from my life in Ireland and it’s upsetting, but life goes on.

What was your most worn clothing item of last year?

Anything navy or burgundy, I learned last year those colours seem to work pretty well for me. I’m also pretty in love with my Hollister jumper – it was a really long lasting investment.

Don’t forget, anything that has polka dots on it.

What are you hoping more for of this coming year?

I’d like to bring my blog a little further into the world. In June it’ll be four years since I started, and I think the plans I have for the year will really push it out there.

Plus, I’d like a little more care with my money. I need to start a saving scheme, and I need to start it fast.

What are you hoping for less of this year?

Negativity. I’m hoping to cut out any negative thinking I do myself, and speak less to any negative people from my life.

What is your upcoming resolution for the New Year?

I’ve got a full run through of my resolutions already.

8 thoughts on “New Year Tag: a year in the life of a polka dot

  1. Great post! I’ve learned the same thing from last year about the people will stick around. It’s a sad realisation but much better off sooner rather than later 🙂 Also I loved that demi levato song as well 🙂


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