The Christmas Haul

Christmas is truly over now, and the decorations have come down. I think it’s the perfect time to think back over the time that’s past, and the lovely gifts I’ve gotten. Anything to cling on to that Christmas spirit, really.

The haul.

Mayo jersey

Two selection boxes

Black Opium 50ml perfume

Alien 50ml perfume

A Belle POP! figurine

Naked 3 palette

A bar of chocolate with my name on it

Alex and Ani “Guardian of Strength” bracelet (out of shot)

Real Techniques male up brush set (out of shot)

Benefit “Maybe Baby” perfume and body lotion set (out of shot)

What gifts did you receive for Christmas this year?


4 thoughts on “The Christmas Haul

  1. Hey Aofie Love the idea of the Mayo Jersey and of course every woman needs perfume and chocolates.

    As for me, I got Body sprays, chocolates, candles, the complete DVD box set of Only Fools and Horses lingerie, and and my favourite ghost sweetheart gift set with perfume and body wash.

    There was however one extra present which I wrote about in my Christmas haul post chocolates perfume and playing for laughs which I posted on a few days ago. Take a look I think you’ll agree I had a visit from a very special Santa.

    Hope you have a brilliant 2016.

    Best Wishes
    Gayle X

  2. This was a really good post. I really liked it, Im very nosy and love seeing what people got for Christmas. I may have to do a Christmas haul for my blog ( <- go check it out) Glad to see santa was generous this year x

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