More things that excite me as an adult

I’ve previously done a post on the simple things in life that always make me smile, and it was pretty well received. So much so, I’ve decided to bring it back and update it a little more.

I absolutely love reading these sort of posts anyway. I think it’s great just to have a list of things that make you happy to remind yourself of them whenever you may feel a little down, or when you think about all the horrible things happening in the world right now.

I’ve got a few small things that will always make me happy regardless of my mood 

  • Fresh bed sheets, washed hair, new pyjamas and brushed teeth
  • Not having to set an alarm for the morning
  • Waking up during the night and you still have time to sleep
  • When somebody holds the door open for you
  • Being surrounded by positive people
  • Buying new stationery
  • Fairy lights, or Christmas lights

Lights in Cardiff

  • Autumn, autumn clothes, colours, smells.
  • Compliments about my blog. Seriously, those are awesome
  • Tea and biscuits. Specifically custard creams.
  • Disney marathons. (Yes I know I said that last time but it’s really good ok)
  • A clean work space.

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