Five Things #6

Remember the days when you might be waiting months for the next instalment of Five Things? A simpler time.

With Christmas coming pretty soon, I decided to make a festive edition of the series, with maybe a few additional categories added for that Christmas feel.

Five songs I’ve been listening to

David Bowie and Bing Crosby – Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth

Dustin the Turkey – Christmas Tree

Michael Bublè and Idina Menzel – Baby It’s Cold Outside

Britney Spears – My Only Wish This Year

Aled Jones – Walking In The Air

Five things I’d love for Christmas

> A Mayo GAA jersey. Myself and my little brother have gathered together a fine collection of GAA jerseys from across the country (and the world, we even have the New York strip) and I’ve had an eye on the Moysiders one for a few years. This year could be the year.

> Urban Decay’s Naked 3 Palette. I’ve got the first two, and I really like them both. I’ve heard, however, that the third palette is suited more to rosy skin tones. With cheeks like mine, I don’t think it’s hard to tell I fall straight into that category. I’ve got a dupe of it, but I think it would be nice to have the complete set.

> Some Benefit skincare products. I’ve recently finished up my night cream and I really need a new jar of it.

> A new coat. I don’t have a winter coat, with a hood, that isn’t grey. Considering a lot of my wardrobe is grey, it could be time for a new addition to my wardrobe. I’ve had my eye on some burgundy offerings from New Look, and I wouldn’t say no to some of the navy coats available in Penneys either.

> A Yankee Candle gift set. In the rare moments I get to lie in bed and relax, I love having a candle burning and an book open while I sip a cup of tea. There are so many Yankee Candle scents I love, it’s very hard for me to pick just one.

Five to watch this Christmas

Ok, I’m cheating a little. I’ve just put up a post on what films to watch, and there’s five of them there. So I’m going to use that as my five to watch here.


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