Love Actually is all around

Sometimes it’s hard to believe this gem is 12 years old. Yes TWELVE.

Image via uphe

It’s hard to pick a “best bit” from this film. With its A list cast (Liam Neeson, anyone?) and heart warming storylines, the entire three hours or so of this film is pure gold.

Mark, Juliette and the cards

I mean, of course Mark was in love with her. She came to his gaff with banoffee. You try not to become enamoured with that. Although at the start of the film he just looks like a creep for filming the bride for the duration of her wedding. But then, just to melt all our stone hearts, he pulls off the perfect Christmas love declaration.

Marry me.

Jamie and Aurelia

He’s a (not very good) English writer who doesn’t speak a word of French. Or Portuguese. Or Spanish. Or, to be blunt, any of the Romance languages. She’s a waitress from a small village in Portugal who doesn’t speak English. But the pair manage to overcome the language barrier thanks to a crappy novel and a dip in the local lake.

I mean, if you turn down a man who learned Portuguese just so he could propose to you, you’d feel pretty shit about doing it.

Billy’s Christmas number one

“I mean, we changed the word ‘love’ to ‘Christmas’.” That, my friends, is a genius move. Even if the singer himself is a bit dire. “If you really love Christmas, come on and let it snow” is a bit rubbish though. Couldn’t we have done any better?

Christmas Is All Around, Christmas Number One 2015. You heard it here first. Simon Cowell is quaking in his boots as we speak.

Jumping around Downing Street

Because if dancing around the house when you’re left to your own devices and yo’ jam comes on is good enough for the Prime Minister, then damnit it’s good enough for us all.

The very thought of Enda Kenny doing same, though? Terrifying.

Gift wrapping 101

Anyone with an aversion to cinnamon, or who thinks the wrapping in Anne Summers is “maybe a bit much”, should probably look away for this bit. Also, can we as a people ask Alan “Snape” Rickman what good dipping the bag in yoghurt would do? Who wants to give a present covered in dairy produce? It’d be hell on earth for a lactose intolerant companion.


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