Six reasons Lismore deserves the Tourism crown

Ah, Ireland. A great little country, if only we could roof it.

There are several absolutely beautiful spots across my homeland.

From Kerry

Image via TripAdvisor

To Galway

Image via panoramio

There’s no shortage of breathtaking scenery around the coast. But if you come inland just a little, you’ll find a little gem very close to my heart.

Meet Lismore, officially 2015’s Top Small Town for Tourism.

It was also (kind of) the homeplace of yours truly, so this post is going to be FULL of bias. However, take a peak at some reasons why that accolade, presented in November, was more than deserved. In fact, it was justified.

It’s got a castle

And a bleedin’ deadly castle, at that.

Image via

We’re home to one of the world’s greatest scientific minds

M0006615 Portrait of The Honourable Robert Boyle (1627 - 1691)

Image via Wikimedia

Robert Boyle, the 17th Century chemist regarded as the father of modern chemistry, was born and raised in the castle you see above. Imagine having that as your back yard.

The Heritage Centre is extremely informative

Not only is there an interactive video room detailing Boyle’s life and work, you can also sit and watch the history of Lismore town unfold before your eyes, narrated by famous Cork actor Niall Tóibín.

The Millennium Park is one of the most peaceful places in town to sit in

Image via

Number of times I’ve seen the fountain filled with Fairy liquid on my way to school? Immeasurable.

Speaking of schools. . .


Image via Yelp

Blackwater Community School presented yours truly to the world, so it can’t be doing too bad. It’s also performed pretty consistently in sport and academic fields. Past pupils include Emma from Beat, and Waterford hurler Maurice Shanahan, who has been very vocal recently about his struggle with mental health.

The Towers may be unfinished, but they’re still incredibly beautiful

The Towers was originally intended as a magnificent mansion for local landlord Robert Kiely Ussher. He died before they were completed, and the gates to the potential entrance are all that stand today.

(They’re officially named Ballysaggartmore Towers, which means they’re connected to my home village. Score.)

image via Blackwater Boating

Five miles out the road lies Ballysaggart

My official homeplace, and home to some breathtaking waterfalls.

Image via Waterford Web Design


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