Five Things #5

Time for another mini update on my life and times. (Read: I’m procrastinating quite well today so this is gonna bring that up.) Can you believe this is the fifth instalment? I certainly can’t.

Five songs I’m listening to

Demi Lovato – Confident 

The Coronas – The Long Way

Kodaline – Ready

Little Mix- Love Me Like You

Christy Moore – Joxer Goes to Stuttgart 

Five things I’ve been watching

> This year’s Toy Show theme was Beauty and the Beast and you can imagine now just how excited I got when I saw the opening number. If you somehow missed it, fear not – it’s available on RTÉ’s online player for the next three weeks.

> I’m completely hooked on First Dates on Channel 4 – each Thursday you’ll find me sitting in front of my laptop wondering what’s to come for tonight’s daters. You’d never find me on it though – morto!

> Like many people back in Ireland, I’ve been tuning in to Ray D’Arcy’s TV show. And like many, I’m not entirely sure what to make of it. Maybe I need a few more viewings to be completely sure of my opinion.

> I’ve really formed an addiction to Come Dine With Me recently – have you seen the episode that had a HUGE revelation that one contestant was a chef?

> I’m starting to make my Snapchat stories publically available – find details on my contact page – and I’m totally hooked on the stories of Aisling Keenan, Sharon Leavy and Rebecca Doran – Sharon’s tales are so relatable.

Five that made me smile

> My writing is starting to really take off. I’m currently the dating correspondent for a student website, and I write advice for a postgraduate website. I’m really loving the chance to get my work out there.

> Speaking of getting my work out there, I have two internships coming my way in the new year. I’m so excited to get involved with those two completely different publications.

> One of these internships will be in London – somewhere I never pictured myself living. Its really exciting to think of myself potentially living and working in London one day.

> Before I do go home, one of my friends from Ireland is coming to visit me, and I’m going to be ice skating and seeing a panto with her before she leaves. Its definitely the Christmas season now.

> I’m going home to see the cats my parents, family and friends in just 16 days. I’m getting pretty excited about seeing them, but even more about finally getting some sleep.


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