2015: a year in the life

Once  again, we’ve reached another New Year’s Eve, so what better way to mark it than with some of the biggest and best moments in my life this year?
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2015 Reading Challenge

The year is almost closed and I’ve finally reached my Goodreads challenge of 40 books. But it turns out there’s another book challenge that’s been running throughout the year I hadn’t even heard of.

Shocking, I know. If it’s about books, I MUST already know, right?

I may not have been part taking, but I still see no harm in seeing if I actually would have passed it, right? Obviously, I’m only going to be including books I started and finished between January 1st and now.

Is it just me, or does January seem like only yesterday?

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More things that excite me as an adult

I’ve previously done a post on the simple things in life that always make me smile, and it was pretty well received. So much so, I’ve decided to bring it back and update it a little more.

I absolutely love reading these sort of posts anyway. I think it’s great just to have a list of things that make you happy to remind yourself of them whenever you may feel a little down, or when you think about all the horrible things happening in the world right now.

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The Christmas Tag

If there’s one time of year I love, it’s Christmas. Given that I’ve just flown home from the UK on Friday, and Christmas itself is only a mere five days away, this is the perfect time to get into the Christmas cheer and take a peek at some Christmas traditions in my life.

After all, it really is the most wonderful time of the year. You have been forewarned- this will be a ridiculously cheesy post.

This list is a mixture of questions taken from Danielle over at LilliWhiteRose, Telma at Glammed Up Me, and Morgan of The Enthusiast.

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