A definitive ranking of You’re A Star songs

Hey, that book list went well, didn’t it?

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Kids, you were told, your mother is very busy now and she can’t spend ALL her time on you now. Who knows, there’s still half the month left and we might return to it later on.

*Disclaimer: we probably won’t because life.

However, today I bring you new toys- a definitive ranking of songs from RTÉ’s stellar talent show, You’re A Star. The filling of the Popstars-You’re A Star- The All Ireland Talent Show sandwich, it was the show that brought us such delights as a green guitar, a pair of siblings singing a love song to each other, and Linda Martin. Lest we forget.

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Without further discourse, let us journey back to The Helix and recall some of the aural delights that stemmed out from its Mahony Hall.

Bruised but not Broken- Lucia Evans

Lucia won the competition in 2006, the year the honour of representing Ireland at Eurovision was scrapped. Her balled Bruised but not Broken was a bit forgettable, to be blunt- so much so, You Tube doesn’t even have any sight nor sign of it.

Losing You- James Kilbane

Fun Fact: Former Ireland international Kevin Kilbane? Some sort of cousin of his.

James came second in 2004 with this crooning ballad that would make wee Daniel shake in his boots. It wasn’t entirely Eurovision standard, but James did Mayo proud anyway by coming a pretty solid second place in 2004.

Give Me A Minute- 21 Demands

The Dublin-based band appeared in the fifth series way back in 2006. They ran out eventual runners up to David O Connor (exactly). The Swords lads haven’t done much since.

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If My World Stopped Turning- Chris Doran

The combination never failed us before- send a lad out to Eurovision in a white coat with a ballad, and sit back while the douze points roll in. It worked with in 1980 with Johnny Logan, and in 1987 with Johnny Logan again. It wasn’t third time lucky, however, and Chris and his white jacket came second from bottom with a meagre seven points. Maybe we should have sent Daddy Eurovision again?

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Look at him, ready for road.

Love?- Donna and Joe

The Athlone brother and sister duet took top spot in 2005, jetting off to Kiev with a ditty penned by Karl “Alan Hughes from TV3’s husband” Broderick. The song included asking the other if they “wanna, do you wanna, do you wanna fall in love”, which is grand, but it’s a bit creepy to be singing it to your brother. The European audience felt so too, and Donna and Joe never made it to the final on the Saturday.

A Better Plan- Simon Casey

Simon was the competition’s very first runner up in 2003. He took much inspiration from former Westlife singer Brian McFadden- not only did Brian write the song, he also loaned Simon one of the stools from the Westlife concert the week before. Reduce, reuse, recycle, etc. This song wasn’t just a love song, it also had a message about finding “a better plan” for the world, which is pretty relevant these days.

And that moment when he got off the stool? Perfected by many hours in gruelling rehearsals.

We’ve Got The World- Mickey Joe Harte

The guitar-wielding Donegal man couldn’t feature anywhere else but cream of the crop. We’ve Got The World finished 11th in Latvia in 2003, which at the time was a fate worse than death. Nowadays, Ireland finishing 11th would be a miracle straight from the Vatican.

Mickey Joe now frequents the student bar in DCU, and moonlights as Tyrone’s football manager.

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