Day Nine: Most overrated book

This post is part of the 30 Day Book Challenge.

I’ll be honest- there’s a few books out there that everyone loved but me, but my number one choice in this category isn’t going to make me any friends.

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Everyone loved To Kill A Mockingbird. Whether they did it for their Junior Cert in school or picked it up for some light entertainment, it’s stood the test of time. Some 50 years later, it’s still on the Irish curriculum in some way. Its prequel “Go Set A Watchman”, released earlier this year, pretty much broke Amazon by becoming its most ordered book.

But honestly? I couldn’t get into it.

I always give a book three strikes. I gave this one four, I knew how much of a well-loved classic it was. My brother did it for his Junior Cert and he liked it – and he doesn’t even like to read. I felt it dragged.

The attack, and subsequent court case I’d heard so much about, didn’t appear for a long way into the book.  I’m a sucker for getting straight into the action – patience isn’t one of my strong points. Having to wait around for ages to actually find out what was happening, quite frankly, lost me. I ended up quitting after about 40 pages.

I can hear the marching crowd already.

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