Day Seven: A guilty pleasure book

This post is part of the 30 Day Book Challenge.

I actually had to think pretty hard about this one. I’m assuming by “guilty pleasure”, it’s the same as with films, or music- something a little “out there” that you’d probably be ridiculed for enjoying in normal company.

So I’m going to raise my hand and make a massive confession.

I am a huge YA fiction nerd. And I’m not the only one.

Some of my favourite books are from this genre- The Book Thief, Asking for It, The Princess Diaries series. While I do like “older” stuff, like JoJo Moyes and Sinéad Moriarty (anyone picking up on the strong chick lit vibes?) I’m a big believer in that there’s nothing wrong with settling down and picking up a copy of any of The Hunger Games trilogy. The books, in this instance as with so many others, are far superior to the movie version.

A lot of people give YA fiction a bad name. It’s gotta be just like Twilight, right? Think of it this way- is every adult book just like that godawful creation Fifty Shades? Of course not. It would be insane to label them all under that umbrella, and the same definitely goes for the vast majority of books aimed at young adults like myself. There’s no shame in reading it- no matter how many candles there are on the cake.


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