Day Four: Book turned into a movie and completely desecrated.

This post is part of the 30 Day Book Challenge.

You never forget your first love. . .

My friend and I are huge fans of one of Cecelia Ahern’s earliest works, Where Rainbows End (which also retails under the name Love Rosie). When we heard there was a film version of the book coming out, naturally we were completely beside ourselves, and a hunt began to find any information we could get about it.

We sent each other excited Whats App messages about casting decisions, release dates, and cinema trips that, due to two completely different work schedules (paired with being on opposite sides of the country) never came to fruition. Instead, one evening we sat ourselves down in front of her TV, my hard drive connected, and a pile of crappy food beside us. We were going all guns blazing.

Now, before I get anywhere, I must state that before we even tried to watch the film, we encountered numerous technical problems. The HDMI cable connecting laptop to TV didn’t connect properly, meaning the sound was coming from the tiny, tinny laptop speakers instead of the surround sound speakers the TV boasted. The HDD itself couldn’t connect to the TV as there was no USB slot in said TV. We were snookered, but we powered ahead anyway.

It left us both disappointed. For a book set in Ireland, this film was actually based in the UK (despite having a few shots from Dublin Airport and many other Irish landmarks). There were a few plot holes- where the hell was Brian, father of Katie? How did Greg end up on the paternity test?

At least one thing was still constant. Greg was still a bit of a tosser.


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