When Celtic languages collide

Over in the UK, I’ve been focusing on finding Irish people to be friends with. And take the piss out of.

For one of my projects, I videoed some Welsh friends attempting Irish names.

How well did it go? Have a look and see.

Was your name featured? Do you have the same problem as I do taking your name abroad?


Diddley-eye dancing done wrong

Growing up, I was a performer. I put on plays for my family at Christmas (the home video of my cousin and I as Mary and Joseph, with Barney as our baby Jesus, still haunts me. No you’re not seeing it.). I performed songs for my parents at any opportune moment. I even fractured my arm at the tender age of six while giving my Mam her Mother’s Day present – an aprés dinner rendition of every Barney song I knew, with movement, all done from my stage (read: a chair at the kitchen table).

My parents’ decision to send me to Speech and Drama classes and Irish dancing was inevitable. And I loved them both.

I took exams in Speech and Drama, and got up to grade four, but dancing was my real baby. I went to countless feiseanna and fleadhs, and have boxes upon boxes at home filled with medals and trophies. I came first at a feis when I was seven and I CRIED MY EYES OUT. (I also got brought for takeaway after it, so, you know, it wasn’t ALL bad).

Then, for some insane reason, I gave both up when I was 13. Spanner.

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A definitive ranking of You’re A Star songs

Hey, that book list went well, didn’t it?

image via giphy

Kids, you were told, your mother is very busy now and she can’t spend ALL her time on you now. Who knows, there’s still half the month left and we might return to it later on.

*Disclaimer: we probably won’t because life.

However, today I bring you new toys- a definitive ranking of songs from RTÉ’s stellar talent show, You’re A Star. The filling of the Popstars-You’re A Star- The All Ireland Talent Show sandwich, it was the show that brought us such delights as a green guitar, a pair of siblings singing a love song to each other, and Linda Martin. Lest we forget.

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