Money talks: an update

On Sunday evening I made a deal with myself- no more pissing away money. 48 hours later, time for a catch up.

Stick the kettle on, it’s about to get hella interesting.


Starting balance:£90

I caved. Within about ten hours. So all was going pretty much according to plan. But there’s a reason ok, stay with me here.

A friend of mine and I had, since Saturday, agreed to meet up for coffee at our uni lunch break. I couldn’t let them sit there drinking coffee while I just stared and made them uncomfortable, so I brought a fiver with me. I’d set myself a limit, and I had no option but to stick to it.

When our lunch time meeting arrived *spoiler alert* neither of us actually got coffee. I got a sandwich and Ribena, and then stayed for about 20 seconds cos I had to go back and file an assignment before a deadline. (let’s hope they don’t have abandonment issues.)

I then went home and, instead of stopping in Lidl to get dinner, I threw a chicken Kiev, beans and some wedges into the oven that I’d bought on Sunday. I was full, and so was my pocket. (Kind of.)

Balance carried over: £86.80

Overall performance: Pretty solid work, considering I live very close to Lidl and a coffee shop. But my resistance was strong today. I only can live in hope this will be the same story for the rest of the week.


Starting balance: £86.80

Two words: free coffee. Most mornings, I pop into a coffee shop between my house and college for a sneaky hazelnut latte (basic, I know). It has a rewards system – collect ten stamps and get a free coffee. Guess who was on her free coffee this morning. GET IN.

via giphy

I didn’t bring any money to college with me this morning. I brought my lunch with me (postgrads have their own kitchen to reheat/cook things, so I was saved the horror of cold leftovers). The only horror was forgetting my fork in the morning. Meaning I had to go to the canteen shop, also known as the Land of So Very Much Temptation.

I went in with blinkers on- get a fork. Ignore the food around you. Leave again. I spotted a ham sandwich, and somewhere in my brain an idea sparked.

Dude. You need a ham and crisp sandwich. Like NOW.

Two things stopped me. One: no money. None. Nada. Two: ham and crisp sandwiches are miles better with Taytos than they will ever be with Walkers. That’s a fact.

Dinner was, again, a chicken Kiev with wedges, but this time I had a little bit of frozen veg (read: a mountain of frozen veg). I didn’t even sway when a friend of mine said she was ordering in, and the same small voice from earlier decided we should order in too. However, we met a slight hurdle by this evening. I now had no food in the house for the dinner tomorrow. Or tomorrow’s lunch. So another trip to Lidl was in store.

Budget: a tenner. Actual amount: £7.66. SCORE.

Balance carried over: £79.14

Overall performance: Excellent. In two days, I’ve spent just over a tenner. That’s really good for me.


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