Thirty Day Book Challenge

As a massive (and very vocal) bibliophile, it was only going to be a matter of time before I started onto a daily challenge in honour of my first love.

The excitement will all begin tomorrow morning, and I’ll link to each of them here when I’ve them completed.

The idea behind this is to fill something in for every day listed, to answer each question. So blogging every day consistently. On top of college work. No pressure.

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There’s no place like not quite like home

As I write this, it’s just over a month since I left Ireland. My Masters is in full swing (no, really. I haven’t had an evening off since I arrived), and Ireland have just been knocked out of the World Cup in a stadium just minutes down the road from my house.

I think it’s time for a mini reflection.

There’s been a few¬†things I’ve had to adjust to since stepping off the plane that Tuesday evening.

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