Things of Ireland, I probably won’t miss you

I’ve made two previous posts about things here that I’ll find myself crying out for when I up sticks soon. But yet, there are a number of things I perhaps might not be too upset to leave behind me.

Dublin Bus

Ok, yes, Dublin isn’t the worst for public transport- it’s certainly a lot better than where I am right now. But it’s still got some failings. Have you ever known a Dublin Bus to run on time? I thought not.

Don’t get me started on the Luas, either. Though at least the joining has started.

Which brings me nice and swiftly to point two.

Inner city roadworks

Yes most of them are started now, but for the most part they’re still quite an inconvenience. Getting around Dublin city centre is a complete nightmare at the best of times, but now driving through Dame St is unheard of. And I can’t be the only one who thinks the traffic lights at Trinity don’t give you an awful long time to actually get across the road, can I?

The price of a lowly pint

We’re awfully good at complaining about everything, but if you hit us Irish where we’ll feel it most, your days are numbered. Any native knows to steer well clear of the bars in Temple Bar, Coppers, and numerous other establishments across town, for fear of losing an entire week’s pay in one round. Why do you think pre drinking is so common among college students?

Small town mentality

This is perfectly shown in Louise O Neill’s stunning new book Asking For It (see what I thought about it here.)  A lot of my insecurities as a young person came from home, so it was nice to escape them for even a short while. Who knows what could find me in Wales.

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