Five Things #4

Yes, the time has come for yet another round up of my life. It’s not too long since my last input to the series, but there’s still been a few developments in life to fill you all in on. Three months is a WHILE.

Five songs I’m listening to

Hilary Duff- Sparks

Ed Sheeran- Photograph

Walk The Moon- Shut Up and Dance

Lost Frequencies- Are You With Me

Demi Lovato- Cool for the Summer

Five things I’ve been watching

> If you haven’t been watching it, you HAVE to start tuning in to e4, Mondays at 10pm.Young, Free and Single is a dating show with a slight difference- each Monday, the suitors watch their evening back, with the public pitching in on where they’re going wrong/right. Right now I am definitely shipping Lana and AJ.

> I’ve had plenty of free time over the past few weeks, so I’ve gotten very much into crappy TV to keep me from going insane. My new love comes in the form of property shows, like Homes Under The Hammer and A Place in the Sun. I love interior design, and I’m a divil for imagining what I would do in houses on TV.

> Also keeping me going in my spare time, I’ve grown a rather large addiction to the quiz show Pointless in the last few months. I think I would definitely do pretty well on the show- naturally, dependant on the round we’re given.

> I’ve loved the Educating. . . series on Channel 4, and so Educating Cardiff was essential viewing for a number of reasons. My parents were hooked on it too, as it’s a great look at the differences between our education system and that of the UK.

> You can’t argue that die hard GAA fans such as myself have been treated to some fantastic games over the summer, between the “can’t-watch-can’t-look-away” hurling semi final between Galway and Tipp and Mayo’s ten point comeback against Dublin in their first semi final. It seems the GAA gets better with every year.

Five that made me smile

> My little brother is 18 today, meaning I can now officially take him for pints.

> In just one week, I’m heading off on my long-awaited adventure to start my Masters, and to reconnect with the lovely people I met there the first time. Also, by some miracle of science, I’m still a good ten kg under my weight restriction with a lot of important things (read: the laptop I’m currently typing this on) left to go in.

> One of my friends from work had a baby recently, and luckily I got to see her before leaving. I also got to hold her and be chillingly reminded of how small newborn babies actually are- it’s been quite a while since I’ve had a baby cousin to remind me properly.

> I’ve also got two friends due babies around the time I come home for Christmas, so there’ll have to be plenty of babygros and baby presents coming back with me at Christmas- as well as everything else.

> I’ve finally finished work, and apart from a few inevitable arguments with my parents I’ve had a blissful few weeks with no stress.


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