Things that excite me as an adult

Despite my best pretences, I am actually legally an adult. I think I’m really just one of those overgrown children, but an adult all the same.

However, a recent video by unofficial Queen of the Internet (ok, this may be my thoughts on her) Jenna Marbles made me think about the things in life that make adulting maybe just a little bit easier. So here it is; things that make me excited as an adult.

> Having the house to yourself so you can sing at the top of your lungs happy out.

> Buying a bottle of wine in one corner shop, then finding the same wine at a higher price in another shop.

> Ordering takeaway for when you come in from work, and it arrives just as you get in the door.

> Saturday mornings. And Sunday mornings, too.

> Not having to do the Leaving Cert ever again (this one fills me with particular glee as my brother is just started his LC year. God bless him).

> Groupon cocktail deals.

> When the cat could choose anyone’s bed to lie on in the morning, but chooses your;

> A book, a candle lighting, a cup of tea (coffee will suffice if must be) and chocolate by your side.

> Mammy dinners (seriously. I’m getting in as many of these as I can before the big departure.)

> Disney marathons.


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