Things of Ireland, I probably won’t miss you

I’ve made two previous posts about things here that I’ll find myself crying out for when I up sticks soon. But yet, there are a number of things I perhaps might not be too upset to leave behind me.

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Five things I learned about moving country

Alright, yes, I do bang on about it. But I promise, this is a post that maybe you won’t roll your eyes too deep into your skull at. Maybe.

In the time leading up to when I left Ireland, I’d learned a lot. Both about life, and about myself.

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The Pretty Purple Polka Dot Travel Bucket List

My friend was recently absolutely devastated when she realised a visit to me in Cardiff won’t result in getting a stamp on her passport. I have tried to console her by inviting her to come with me when I cross one of these off my list.

This is also a travel porn piece for me. Because I didn’t just get off a plane three days ago. . .

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