A week of books that will definitely make you cry

Because if they made me cry, then you are beyond screwed.

I’m not a big crier (for example, I didn’t have any kind of emotional breakdown at the film version of Les Mis) but there are certain works of the written word guaranteed to set me off. If you’ve read any of these, let me know your reaction. If not, why not pick it up and see if you can survive?

Inspired by this Buzzfeed post.

*arms self with Kleenex. Goes for it.*

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The Pretty Purple Polka Dot Travel Bucket List

My friend was recently absolutely devastated when she realised a visit to me in Cardiff won’t result in getting a stamp on her passport. I have tried to console her by inviting her to come with me when I cross one of these off my list.

This is also a travel porn piece for me. Because I didn’t just get off a plane three days ago. . .

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