The customer is ALWAYS right?

Today marks a big milestone. It was my last day in work, before coming back in three weeks and actually using the airport for its intended purpose. In my two years working here, I’ve learned some things it would have been maybe a tad inappropriate to say in my exit interview.

I am so getting fired for this. Wait . . .

Anyone who’s ever worked in customer service will agree with me when I say sometimes, customers come out with the strangest questions or comments, such as the following gems. Fellow baristas will definitely nod their heads at a few.

  • Even if you tell them specifically that you don’t have it, people will always ask for a medium coffee.
  • Ordering while you’re on your phone is rude, right? Most people will only grasp this when their server reminds them.
  • Brazen customers will chance their arm at taking from your tip jar to get enough change for their order. The only acceptable response to this is to ask if you can have free reign of their wallet.
  • About 95 per cent of the time, the thing a customer is looking for is right in front of them.
  • It’s an all too regular occurrence for customers to ask if a coffee shop serves coffee.
  • There is no sight that gladens the heart like seeing the late shift come in to take over.
  • Some things (like the presence/lack of a designated smoking area) are entirely not your fault. You’ll be blamed for them anyway.
  • Not every coffee can be iced. There’s no such thing as an iced cappuccino.
  • Yes I do take Euro. It’s the currency in circulation in the country you’re standing in.
  • If it doesn’t scan, that doesn’t mean it’s free. In fact, I might even add on a price. Don’t be that person.
  • When you know how to make coffee, it completely changes how you order and enjoy coffee for yourself. See also: pulling pints. 




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