#EastCoastBloggers: baby’s first blog meet up

Yesterday, Sunday 21st, saw the first meet up of the East Coast Bloggers group, all organised by Sarah from Creative Yoke. It was also my very first meet up ever, and that left me a little like this

Turns out, I had absolutely nothing to worry about. All the ladies who were there were lovely, friendly, and as chatty as I was, so there was nothing to fear.

Laying out across the table as I came into the conservatory were tonnes of Mojito-scented goodies from The Body Shop’s new summer range, kindly provided to us from Revolve PR. Remember Joey’s “summer in a bowl”? Yeah, that’s exactly what these smell like. There was a body splash, a scrub, and some moisturiser.

I’d arrived to House a little late, as I was coming from work, but I wasted no time in joining those already there checking out the cocktails menu and finding out about everyone’s blogging lives. As it was a Sunday, the Sunday Supper Club was in full swing during our visit. With this great promotion, you get a full plate of tapas with a glass of wine or a pint for just €15. Score. Having just filled up on my beloved Supermacs Snack Box, I declined membership of the Supper Club, but having looked at it, maybe I wasn’t so sure.

As for drinks, there was a vast variety of every kind of drink you could imagine, from cocktails to whiskey to champagne. There was one that stood out for me though, and that was the House Summer Cup. Think Pimms, it’s absolutely delicious and it’s a must try if you’re ever in the Lesson St haunt. A bottle with six servings is only €25, and it comes with some beautiful lemonade to mix in too. As you can see by Sarah’s efforts, it can also be taken straight, but it tastes like “boot polish and summer” so perhaps not.

The group will be meeting once a month, and I’ll be joining in as much as I can before my degree steals me away from the Emerald Isle, so keep a look here for our next venture.

A big thank you to House Leeson Street for housing us (pun not intended, but it fit beautifully so what the hell) last night, to Sarah for organising it all, to Revolve PR and The Body Shop for the beautiful goodies they set aside for us, to Keith “yer man from Boyzone, you know them?” Duffy for making an unscheduled appearance, and of course to all the girls for providing a fab night out.

OOTN details (cos we all likes a bitta fashion):

Top, Only, €14

Jeans, Penneys, €11

Heels, Penneys, €11



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