Things of Ireland, I will miss you

When I first wrote about things I would miss if I were to ever leave Ireland, I never thought that one day I actually would leave. I’d always threatened it, but it was more often than not an incredibly empty threat.

Then again, I’d always wanted to live in Wales. Having looked back at my list of things I’d miss to see if I would still have a longing for them, I was amazed at some of the obvious omissions. Once again, family and friends aren’t mentioned, as it’s taken as a given.

Chicken fillet rolls

I know these aren’t available in the UK, as a friend of mine who grew up in Tyrone had never seen or had one until she moved to Dublin. When hungover, there is no better cure than a breaded chicken fillet, lettuce and mayo, bound in a crusty roll, paired with a cold bottle of orange juice.

West Coast Cooler

At dinner in Wales, I asked the waitress for a bottle of Rosé West Coast Cooler and the poor woman looked back at me as if I had six heads. Turns out the green and pink bottles of (let’s face it, quite girly) deliciousness are made in Dublin and only available in Ireland. It’s ok though, they still have wine over there.

Club Orange

Yes, the UK has Fanta, Orangina, San Pellegrino, and plenty of other carbonated orange drinks, but nothing can ever top Club Orange. They’re not the best bits in the world for no reason, you know. Luckily, there’s an online store that offers deliveries of Club Orange, Lyons tea, Taytos, and any Irish delicacy you can think of.

Honourary mention to Tipperary’s finest, Finches Orange.

Snack boxes from Supermacs

When I said ANY Irish delicacy, the unfortunate exception is this one right here. A staple of any trip to Thurles for a match, a train home from Dublin, or just a day in town with an empty stomach, the Supermacs Snack Box is the thing dreams are made of. If feeling particularly indulgent, a Lunch Box offers more chips and an extra piece of chicken, as well as more cholesterol. What’s not to love?

Free bags in Penneys

Imagine coming to the counter with £15 worth of things, but then being told you need to cough up a further five pence for the bag to carry everything home in. The cheek. Still though, at least it’s not the 22c we owe on plastic bags back here. Cue bringing a bag for life any time I decide a stroll about the shops is in order. Morto.

The views

The above is a road by my home place. Says it all, really.


4 thoughts on “Things of Ireland, I will miss you

  1. I’ll be honest Áine, I had no idea either until I asked for one. Just gonna have to have a few here before leaving. And I’d miss the quiet from living in the country as well.

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