How to be a good daughter

Having seen this post on the Internet, I couldn’t resist putting my two cents on this mother and daughter relationship “checklist”. I mean, the outcome can’t be THAT bad. Right?

There's myself and herself at a wedding. Shur aren't we ondly gorgis.

There’s myself and herself at a wedding. Shur aren’t we ondly gorgis.

1. Tells her mum her problems

If it was a BIG problem, she would be the first I would go to without question. As for the smaller things, like what shoes to wear, I tend to go to my friends.

2. Always available in a crisis/emergency

Yes. Unless you’re trying to ring her, in which case you could be in a spot of trouble. Her phone is constantly “in the car” or “in the bottom of my handbag”. Women.

3. Calls regularly

Probably not as regularly as I should. I often get phonecalls from my home number (we still have one of them “land line” things) or her own phone, on the rare occasion she has it to hand, but I can’t actually talk due to being in work. I always text to say I’ll ring back after work, and then get too tired and forget. I’m a stellar human being, really.

4. Texts daily updates

No, my life isn’t interesting enough for a daily update to the motherland. She can stick with getting all the news when I ring her.

5. Always on hand for a cup of tea

When I’m at home. If you see my mother without a cup of tea in her hand, make her one. It’s a simple process.

6. Goes on girly daytrips/weekend breaks  

Very, very rarely. My mother and I are of the “I like to shop alone” persuasion, so a shopping trip would never work. Also, she hates sitting in a car with me so the concept of bringing her anywhere would last five minutes tops.

The artists in their previous form.

The artists in their previous form.

7. Lets her mum interfere with her wedding

Let us calm down, I’m nowhere near marriage ready yet.

8. Watches the same soaps

I haven’t seen Coronation Street in years, and she isn’t too into Orange is the New Black.

9. Has a day that she always visits her mum, i.e. every Sunday

I visit home when I get some time off work in a nice enough chunk that I can travel up and down, but still have time to actually see people. There’s no specific day, but I do try and get home as often as possible to see everyone.

10. Recommends toiletries/products

That will never happen. Our hair and skin types are so different, it would be completely redundant for me to recommend her to use my moisturiser or my shampoo. I do steal a spray of her perfume from time to time, however.

11. Joins her mum and friends on days out together

The only time I’ve ever done this is when my Mam, my friend Dermot and Dermot’s mam go out for dinner together. Dermot and I met in school, but our mothers work together, and we’re all good friends. This hasn’t happened in a while, though, and with the younger generation off to the UK in the coming months, it may not happen again for a long time to come.

12. Sends cute cards/letters for no reason

No, because I’m heartless. (Do people actually send those?)

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