New year’s revolutions

Back in January 2014, I set out a list of what I wanted to have achieved by the end of the year. The blog fell into disrepair, so I never got the chance to look back over them until now. So, with the blog coming someway back into use, I said I would go over my last resolutions post and see if I had actually done anything.



Learn to drive.

Have I hell learned to drive. I’ve taken two tests since January of this year, and neither one has relinquished the damn L plates. However, the “no fatalities” record still stands. So there’s that. I have until August 2016 to renew my learner permit, but I am determined to leave Ireland with my full licence in hand. Or, you know, in wallet.

Finish a cup of tea (less distractions).

Look to my left and what’s that? A cup  of tea. Well that went well.

Have a healthy savings account.

Ok this one, I am actually on target for. My spending money for my masters is all on my shoulders, so I’ve set up a direct debit of my wages from the last year and put some into a separate account. Thus far, I will be able to eat for about a month.


Read more often

I smashed my Goodreads target of 30, finishing 51 books in 2014. This year, I’ve set myself a 50 book target and have so far worked my way through 15, and just started at number 16.


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