New year’s revolutions

Back in January 2014, I set out a list of what I wanted to have achieved by the end of the year. The blog fell into disrepair, so I never got the chance to look back over them until now. So, with the blog coming someway back into use, I said I would go over my last resolutions post and see if I had actually done anything.



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How the Irish do sun holidays

College exams are over, kids are almost out of school. That can only bring one thing: Irish people flocking to the sun in their droves to bask in temperatures we never see on these shores.

And every single one of them from Ireland. Mad.

Be it a J1 in San Francisco or a week with the girls in Torremolinos, every trip abroad is carried out exactly the same.

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Where HAVE you been? An update and an apology


Alright Molly Weasley, calm yourself.

Let’s not beat around any kind of bushes here- there have been no polka dots in over a year. Fear not, I haven’t died or anything.

But my goodness I’ve been busy.

So, without further ado, an update on the life of a Polka Dot.

First off, the most important news (to me, anyway), is that I’m leaving Ireland in September. I’m starting a Masters programme in Cardiff. There will be more about this in future weeks.

Before that, I moved out from home. For good.

I’ve done some work experience in magazines across Dublin. Some pretty prestigious ones, at that.

I still work in the airport, and I still have quite small feet.

I promise, as much as my life allows, that I won’t let this fall to the side again. Because, I’ll be honest, I’ve missed it. If I didn’t have the blog, who else would listen to what’s going on in my head.