The thing about airports is

Since October, I’ve found myself spending an insane amount of my time in Dublin Airport. This is not as exciting as it may initially sound, but at least I get paid to watch planes.

And there are lots of them

Seriously. There are planes everywhere you look. And if there aren’t planes to be found, there are definitely people who work on them in the vicinity.

I have yet to experience the pleasure of meeting this man, however. Counting down the days.

And sometimes the planes have your name on them, which is really fun and kinda makes you think it’s yours.


And they leave early. REALLY early.

You know those flights at six am? Check in time for those is generally four in the morning, and since it takes twenty minutes to get through check in and security, these people are going to want coffee and breakfast to fuel them (and hopefully keep them awake. We’ve had a few sleepers in our time.) Who you gonna call?

Harvest Market, T2. We’ll look after ye.

QUESTIONS. So many questions.

Anyone who has worked in retail knows that there are a goldmine of questions you’ll hear on a daily basis. The following is just a sample of the beauties I’ve gotten, and the answers I would be fired for providing:

“Can we use the knives?”

Love. You have an entire full Irish in front of you. I beg you, PLEASE use a knife. Fried eggs do not constitute finger food.

“Do you take Euro?”¬†

You’re still in an Irish airport, Euro is fairly grand with me. If it helps I can also accept sterling, US dollars, Yen and Australian dollars. Notes only in foreign currency, no coins, and your change will be in Euro.

“Can we take the coffees on the space ship?”

Asked of a co-worker, not of me. But it was too genius NOT to include it.

And no, by the way. For health and safety reasons, you can’t bring any hot drinks¬†we sell on the plane. Or spaceship, whatever mode of transport you’re most comfortable with.

Feel free to buy one once on board, though.

“Could I get a medium coffee?”

Sorry, we don’t have medium, would you like a large or small?


I give up.

Duty free shopping

The main reason I’m as poor as I am is that my place of work is right above The Loop, Dublin Airport’s duty free section. Several lunch breaks and hundreds of Euro has been spent roaming the shopping area seeking make up, chocolate and perfume at a lower price than advertised on the high street. It has also been spent ensuring those near and dear to me benefit from the same bargain.


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