New year, new- oh who am I kidding. . .

Yes, it took me a whole eight days to figure out how I want to improve myself this year. Some of these will be borrowed from last year’s list, while some are fresh off the press.

Learn to drive.

I’m putting this at the top because this time, I actually need to do it. My learner’s permit expires in August and I am determined to have at least done the remaining three lessons before then, and hopefully have at least attempted the test. If not, I’m gonna have to fork out for a new two year permit.

Finish a cup of tea.

In other words, be distracted less. As I always have about four things to do at any given time, I rarely finish a cup of tea anymore. This has nothing to do with the lack of sugar, as I’ve actually found tea way more enjoyable without the white stuff than I ever did with it.

Have a healthy savings account.

My Dad’s god-daughter, who works in a bank, recently gave birth to her first child. When he went to visit the new baby, my cousin (the mother, not the newborn baby)’s advice to him for me was to get me to have a good credit history, for the moments when Grown Up Aoife wants to buy grown up things like a house, or a car, or new shoes (apparently that last one doesn’t make the cut). So, under her instructions, I’ve set up a new account completely independent to the one I usually bank with, in a new bank and everything. My Dad, who is retiring soon, has promised that if I contribute to the account, he will put in €20 every week he gets paid as well. I’m not sure, though, if I’m going to put in a fixed amount each week, or if I’m going to try the Saving Challenge.

You know, this one.

Read more often.

As a member of book sharing site Goodreads, I signed up for the 2014 Reading Challenge in hopes that it’ll reunite me with my childhood love. I’ve committed to reading 20 books by the end of this year, an average of one book every two and a half weeks. Doesn’t seem like much, and I’m confident I can do it with enough ease to raise that number to 30 for the 2015 challenge.

Four goals. Twelve months. One very sceptical woman.


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