2013: A complete and utter failure

At the start of the year, I gave myself five simple tasks to accomplish before the end of the year. Simple. Doable, a nice and small number that was easily reachable. Right? Wrong.

Keep a clean room

I now do a thorough clean every week. I’ve started to get a little annoyed at myself whenever I let it build up. My bedroom at home is a tip, which is unjustifiable since I spend an average of three hours there whenever I’m actually at home. My bedroom in Dublin is slightly more presentable.

Mission accomplished.

Be healthy

White bread has, reluctantly, crawled back into my diet recently. There’s no exceptions, you simply can’t have a brown Blaa. It’s still solely brown bread for sliced bread though. Chinese has become a rarity, but I’ve had pizza every day for the last three days. I’m beginning to think I should maybe find an alternative lunch option at work. Pot Noodle, which used to be my staple diet, now tastes rubbery and salty. Don’t mention exercise, though.

Mission failed.

Less sugar in tea

I’ve already spoken about this at length. Sugar is now a thing of the past.

Mission accomplished.

Read more, and read quicker

When I was on holidays, I ate books. Now that I’ve started college/work, I haven’t had the time, and reading time is now confined to the (rare in itself) train journey up and down to Dublin, or a few minutes before bed. That said, when I do read, I’m unstoppable. According to my Goodreads account, I’ve 15 books this year, and am more than halfway through my 16th with two days left in the year. Not bad going for someone who hasn’t the time to spell her name most days.

Mission accomplished

Learn to drive properly

It seemed like a good idea at the time. I aimed to have the lessons done by the end of the year. I still have three to do, and have decided to finish the course out in Dublin rather than wait for a time when I’ll be back in Waterford long enough to be able to do a few lessons. I’m also hoping a bit of city driving will help with my confidence behind the wheel and lessen the road rage. I’m not counting on the last one.

Mission failed.

Three of five achieved, a 60 per cent pass rate. We’ll take that. On now to 2014 and the new challenges for then.


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