The Common White Girl Checklist

I find myself relating more and more to the Common White Girl Twitter account much more than I think should be healthy. So when they posted a personality quiz to see if you fit the bill and were REALLY one common white girl incarnate, I couldn’t resist taking it for myself.

If right in the morning, you start your day off with Starbucks.

No. I hate coffee, which is even more interesting when you remember that I work in a coffee shop.

If you know what October 3rd is.

Doesn’t every girl?

If you LOVE Nutella.

Only on crackers. I can’t stand Nutella on toast. But I would happily sit with a jar of Nutella and a spoon.

If you own Uggs

Real? No. Penneys? Yes.

In fact, I wore Uggs for my confirmation with my outfit at my meal. In April. I nearly lost about two stone with the sweat, but I swear I thought I was the biz. (disclaimer: I wasn’t.)

If you own a white iPhone.

No, mine is black. Though I was looking for a white one when I first bought it.

If you watch Pretty Little Liars every Tuesday.

I barely have the time to watch it sporadically. I haven’t seen an episode since the first season ended.

If you hate texting first.

I’ve never understood this one. If I want to talk to someone, believe me, I will.

If you own a pair of Converse, particularly white ones.

I got Converse as a bridesmaid present back in July. I think I’ve worn them twice since (they’re my “good shoes”.)

If you LOVE drinking tea.

That wouldn’t make you a common white girl. That just makes you an Irish Mammy.

If you sub-tweet more than twice a day.

Do I have Twitter? Yes. Do I have any idea what sub-tweeting is? No.

Turns out, I’m a little bit of a white girl. Tell us something we didn’t know.  . .

How much of a common white girl are you?


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