Five Things #2

Ok, so the whole “once a month” idea for the Five Things didn’t work out. Don’t know who I was fooling, really. Instead, and to take the pressure off a little, I’m going to just make it a sporadic thing, whenever the mood hits me.

Five songs (yes, most of these will be Christmassy.)

David Bowie and Bong Crosby- Little Drummer Boy

Lilly Allen- Somewhere Only We Know

One Direction- Story of My Life

Birdy- Wings

The Pogues and Kirsty McColl- Fairytale of New York

Five to look at

> The Coke ad AND the Corn Flakes ad have been on telly. We all know what that means.

> One of the society’s I’m a member of in college is doing a 24 hour live broadcast this weekend. I’ll be involved, and luckily I’m used to not sleeping so I’ll be well able to stay awake for it all. Hopefully.

> Christmas film season is upon us, so I can finally watch Elf and not wonder if I’ve made a bad decision. Even The Holiday has been on telly.

> An article I wrote for the college paper a few weeks back got some pretty serious feedback- in a good way.

> My love affair with Pointless, which began during the summer, has been reignited. This particular round had me in stitches.

Five reasons I smiled

> I (finally) got a job. In the airport, which is no good for someone with serious wanderlust. Somehow, despite the early starts and the wanting to get on every plane I see, I’ve made it work for the last few months.

> My local team reached a Munster final. The first team from my county to do so in the grade we play in. No pressure, so.

> Naked 3 came out. It’s very pretty and I really want it.

> Forget Christmas jumpers, this is the only thing to be seen in for Christmas.

> In about a week’s time, I’ll be going home to spend some quality time with the family for the first time in months. I’ll also get to see the cat, which is nice too.


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