How meeting your mother made everyone cry

No. This is not a ¬†ridiculoulsy long “yo Mama” joke. Instead, it’s a list of the saddest parts of How I Met Your Mother.

Maybe next time, I’ll do the jokes thing. Maybe.

Also, if you haven’t seen a lot of the show, or haven’t caught up with the newest series yet, this is a MAJOR spoiler alert.

Lily leaves Marshall

Season 1 Episode 22: Come On

Lily’s doubts about her upcoming wedding to Marshall drive her to leave New York and take on an art internship in San Francisco.

Stella leaves Ted

Season 4 Episode 5: Shelter Island

Ted and Stella argue over whether their exes should be allowed to attend their wedding or not. Stella argues that it could bring up unsolved feelings, but how right is she?

Marshall’s Dad dies

Season 6 Episode 13: Bad News

Having just found out that he and Lily can conceive naturally, Marshall rings his father to share the good news. Unfortunately, Lily soon arrives with some news of her own. Jason Segel wasn’t told that this was how the episode would end. Meaning his reaction is genuine.

Barney and Nora, Kevin and Robin

Season 7 Episode 10: Tick Tick Tick

Barney and Robin decide to tell their respective partners about what happened the night before. But only one of them goes through with it.

Robin can’t have kids

Season 7 Episode 12: Symphony of Illumination 

Robin is devastated to learn she can’t have children, despite not having had plans to become a mother anyway. Ted, not knowing the reason behind her distress, tries everything in his powers to turn her around. Even if it means running up a scarily high ESB bill.

Ted and Robin: the final chapter?

Season 7 Episode 17:  No Pressure

When Robin returns from a week’s career break in Russia, Ted pours his heart out to her. Unfortunately, Robin doesn’t respond to his feelings.


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