#SBBC Day 25

Day 25: Shopping habits. Do you shop online or instore? Where do you shop? What do you make a bee-line for?

As part of #SBBC

When it comes to shopping I have two main rules. Never shop on an empty stomach (you’re just asking for trouble when you inevitably pass the Butlers Chocolate Cafe) and shop alone.

Shopping alone is my personal one. In my short life, I have only become comfortable to going shopping with a select few people. I don’t know what the reason is, maybe it’s because I was the “outsider” so I never had friends to go shopping with, or had anyone ask me. Maybe I’m just selfish. Whatever the reason, if I let you come shopping with me you’d better feel pretty damn special.

There are a few main haunts on my list. The most important is Penneys. Like most Irish girls, Penneys makes up almost 80% of the contents of my wardrobe. The look of clothes in there has improved in recent years, and these days you can pick up any of the staples you could ever want in there. I can’t begin to describe the insane amounts of money I’ve left behind me on my regular visits to any of the shops around the country.

I’ve also found a new love for Awear. While I was always aware of its existence, I never really went into it until about three years ago, when I was looking for a new handbag. My first trip proved successful and I haven’t been able to leave since.

While I used to love River Island, I’ve found that as I grew up I started liking their stock less and less, and now I seldom go into the shop.

However, this summer brought a new evil into my life: online shopping. I never used to spend money online, having been raised on the concept that putting your credit card details online was behind murder on the “worst sins you could ever commit” list. This summer though, I found myself on several shopping websites and freely entering the numbers. It’s a habit I still have yet to break.


One thought on “#SBBC Day 25

  1. I prefer to shop by myself as well. I don’t like sticking to someone else’s pace or pretending to enjoy yourself in a store they absolutely love, but you don’t. I’m quite a fast shopper (except with make up, that takes forever), and I don’t like to waste time, that’s why I love online shopping. It’s so time efficient, easy, and great to compare what you can get and for what price.

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